May 1, 2009

5/1/2009 - Post-Op

Last night I caved and asked Scott to try and get the splinter out of the bottom of my big toe. It had been hanging out there for a week, doused in Neosporin, swaddled in band-aids, and - much to my dismay - not budging.

So we trained the light of my bedside lamp onto my foot and I lay back while Scott poked and prodded with tweezers and a needle. After some peeps and cringing out of me, he managed to extract a small sliver of something, but more was in there. 

More poking and prodding.

Finally, he got it. Held it up. Studied it. And it looked suspiciously like...

A hair.

A small brown hair, maybe a quarter of an inch long, with a little white follicle on the end and everything; like an eyebrow hair that got lost on its way to my face.

A hair.

In my toe.

On the bottom of my toe.

The end.