Mar 10, 2010


It's like when you're not paying attention and the last step you think you're taking down a flight of stairs turns out to be nothing but the flat ground ahead of you.

In between loving a very contrary man and working a job where I play the part of the bad guy (short summary: I email out the equivalent of homework assignments to all the higher-ups in my work place, and I'm pretty sure that they all die a little bit inside when they see my name in their inboxes) I expect to be told 'no' - though rarely in so many words - more often than not.

Sometimes, though, people comply. I'm not sure what's in the water, but it's been happening recently. After all that energy, all that buildup to the big let-down, my bat flies through the air and there's nothing to make purchase with. Just the whiffle echoing in my ears, then I'm left standing, baffled.


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